Last Milliseconds Alive….

Life is undoubtedly the most valuable gift we ever had …

It is precious…

Even the very last moment of it…

And that is the very fact that makes the last milliseconds alive the most precious of them all…

Following are some great work of photographers capturing those precious moments…

But it is ironical that these moments are

1. End of the story for one

2. Just another meal for another

3. Great career achievement for the photographer

4. Something worth to have a look and admire for another… yes that’s for us…

Image: Adam Britton

Image: Adam Britton

Death is milliseconds away for a mud crab in the jaws of death of a Australian saltwater crocodile……

Image: Chris and Monique

Image: Chris and Monique

Last milliseconds of a seal before falling  pray to the ocean’s top predator  the great white….

Image: Kerry Roberts

Image: Kerry Roberts

A cannibalistic green-striped frog enjoying a meal made of it’s own  tree-dwelling cousin…

Image: David Maitland

Image: David Maitland

Deadly struggle  between a Morelet’s tree frog and a cat-eyed tree snake…

Image:Hoshino Michio

Image:Hoshino Michio

Predator is quite clear..but where is the prey?

Yes it is the photographer itself…

This is the last picture taken by Hoshino Michio, a famous nature photographer milliseconds before being killed by the brown bear…



These two were found off the coast of grand Cayman..

The fisherman was shocked to realize that the small fish got killed itself eating the big one.

It was later determined that the fish it attempted to eat was four times its size…


Image:waruna thejana

This great work of photography shows the last milliseconds of a stupid cat…    😀


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