3D Max Rendering of a building-Easy Steps part II


At the end of the part I you have completed the shell of the building. Now we need to assign materials to the shell.To do that just press M and open the material editor. From there you can easily drag  and drop the material you want to the relevant element.For example drag and drop a glass material for glass elements.

You can access the material editor from the top menu as well.

Material Editor Button

Now we need to cut the windows of the building to give it life. For that first create a box to the required window size. You can use the following buttons .

Create a Box

Now colon the window box . Move the box with Shift key.It will ask for number of copies.Give the required number.

cloned 6 window boxes

Now select all boxes and colon  them vertically .

all cloned boxes

then select the wall shell go compound objects,boolean pick aperand B and click on the box.you get a cut similar to window box size.

Then move your glass panel layer back to the position. Result is shown below.

Try these steps for any shape and apply correct materials.

If you need more detailed steps please drop a comment.i’ll be glad to help.

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