Autodesk-Architectural Desktop As a Power Tool in Project Management reports !!

Autodesk-Architectural Desktop is widely used as a 3D modeling software in the construction industry, mainly for architectural purposes..

It is a user friendly software rich with a wide variety of modeling techniques that enables the user to model 3D structures complete with all the details..

This software can also be used as a project management tool in terms of presenting monthly or weekly progress of  the project in detail …

A user can create a model according to the structural drawings  and then  update it with the construction progress.. Different colors and layers  can be utilized to show different elements such as walls, columns ,bases etc. By switching these layers on and off  an individual assessment on the progress of the certain element can be easily obtained. Pictures of the construction process obtained in this manner are of great value in management reports such as monthly progress reports. These 3D pictures give a clear idea about the progress of the construction and enables an overall picture of the process than just looking at  a table ..

Following pictures are some example of the process…

Monthly progress: December

Site situation as at 1st December

Site situation as at 1st December

Site progress as at 31st December

New Picture

Earth Fill    New Picture (1) Column concrete   New Picture (4)

Tie Beam   New Picture (2) Base Concrete New Picture (5)

Random Rubble Masonry  New Picture (3)

New Picture (6)

Base Concreting   45%  completed

Column Concreting

(i)Up to DPC Level 45%  completed

(ii)Above DPC Level 35% completed




Tie Beams 45% completed

Tie Beams 45% completed








Random Rubble Masonry

Random Rubble Masonry

56% completed






Earth fill      34% completed


Earth fill      34% completed

Slab formwork in pics !!

slab formwork is the  temporary mould in to which concrete is poured during slab concreting.It is a time consuming work  that needs the touch of skilled labors. followings are just a description of the process in pics… Construction-08-june

columns concreted up to the beam bottom level

columns concreted up to the beam bottom level

Slab formwork can be started  after concreting the columns up to the bottom level of  slab beams.

arrangement of beam bottoms and beam reinforcement

arrangement of beam bottoms and beam reinforcement

Formwork for slab beams are then erected between the columns..


slab formwork arrangement

cross section drawing of a slab formwork

New Picture (1)slab formwork arrangement


plywood sheet arrangement of slab formwork

these plywood sheets are usually given a coating of form oil


plywood sheet arrangement of slab formwork


GI pipes,Acro(T) jack and 2"x4" timber arrangement that supports the formwork...

details of this arrangement are given in the above Auto Cad drawing


Reinforcement arrangement of the slab formwork...

reinforcement is provided with cover block to protect the steel from moisture and to obtain a certain degree of fire resistance depending on the structure…


concrete cover block used in this slab form work...

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Last Milliseconds Alive….

Life is undoubtedly the most valuable gift we ever had …

It is precious…

Even the very last moment of it…

And that is the very fact that makes the last milliseconds alive the most precious of them all…

Following are some great work of photographers capturing those precious moments…

But it is ironical that these moments are

1. End of the story for one

2. Just another meal for another

3. Great career achievement for the photographer

4. Something worth to have a look and admire for another… yes that’s for us…

Image: Adam Britton

Image: Adam Britton

Death is milliseconds away for a mud crab in the jaws of death of a Australian saltwater crocodile……

Image: Chris and Monique

Image: Chris and Monique

Last milliseconds of a seal before falling  pray to the ocean’s top predator  the great white….

Image: Kerry Roberts

Image: Kerry Roberts

A cannibalistic green-striped frog enjoying a meal made of it’s own  tree-dwelling cousin…

Image: David Maitland

Image: David Maitland

Deadly struggle  between a Morelet’s tree frog and a cat-eyed tree snake…

Image:Hoshino Michio

Image:Hoshino Michio

Predator is quite clear..but where is the prey?

Yes it is the photographer itself…

This is the last picture taken by Hoshino Michio, a famous nature photographer milliseconds before being killed by the brown bear…



These two were found off the coast of grand Cayman..

The fisherman was shocked to realize that the small fish got killed itself eating the big one.

It was later determined that the fish it attempted to eat was four times its size…


Image:waruna thejana

This great work of photography shows the last milliseconds of a stupid cat…    😀

Tests on concrete compressive strength !!

1)    Cube Test

cube test

Compacting of Concrete Cubes

This is the conventional method of testing the compressive strength of concrete. This can be described as a “destructive” method of testing as casted concrete cubes are crushed to determine the compressive strength.


crushing of cubes

In this testing procedure concrete cubes are casted in a standard way such that they represent the batches of concrete used for concreting. The cubes are of the size 150x150x150mm and each cube is casted in three layers with specified compaction to each layer. Cubes are properly cured and crushed at the ages of 7, 28 etc. Three cubes are crushed at a time and their mean crushing strength is taken as the compressive strength of concrete.

2)    Impact Hammer Test

impact hammer test

Impact Hammer Test

This is a test specially designed for non-destructive testing of concrete structures. Using this test large areas can be tested for compressive strength consuming less time and money. Possibility of determination of concrete quality between different sections is also an advantage of this test.

The testing is done by pressing a impact plunger against a solid surface of concrete. The maximum height of rebound is recorded and a rebound number is obtained according to the scale of Impact Hammer. This rebound number can then be converted in to compressive strength via conversion tables provided with the equipment. These conversion values vary with the angle of testing and therefore angular corrections should be applied when necessary.

3)    Ultrasonic Test.

ultrasonic test

Ultrasoinc Test

Ultrasonic test for concrete is a field test for quality control and inspection of concrete structures. It uses measurement of the speed of ultrasonic pulses through the concrete to correlate concrete strength to standard strength. Using this test we can identify non-homogeneous conditions in the structure such as honeycombs, voids, cracks and frozen concrete.

First the instrument is calibrated using a standard calibration bar and the receiving and the transmitting ends are coated with a thin uniform grease layer. The concrete surface is cleaned well to make it dust free and uniformly distributed grease layer is applied on the concrete surface as well. The transmitting and receiving ends of the apparatus is then placed on marked locations of the structure and the machine is turned on to get the reading. The test is repeated after switching the positions of the transmitting and receiving ends. Then obtained readings are compared with the standard values to arrive at a conclusion about the concrete quality.

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Historical Front Pages !!


Followings are the front pages of news papers reporting some historical events in the human history…

enjoy !! 😀


Titanic the unsinkable Sank on 15 April 1912 after hitting an iceberg



Sputnik I- 1957

History changed on October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I.

The world’s first artificial satellite..



First Moon Landing

Man takes first steps on the Moon….

July 17, 1969 and July 21, 1969





World War II

Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Hawaii during word war II


Assassination of john lennon…..

john lennon

Atomic bombings of Hiroshima….


Space Shuttle Challenger disaster….

January 28, 1986


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Russian Civil Engineering and Construction Hardware !!

When you are working at a construction site what will you do if a big military camouflaged tank appears from across a corner. Just don’t panic as you’ll find it is   equipped with a hoe instead of the gun.  🙂

Some companies in Russia earn their living by buying cheap old Russian army vehicles and converting them to civil engineering and construction hardware that then is being used at the various construction sites.